Endo Print

Print Advertising

It’s a perfect material for illuminated advertisements for public space. Thanks to high light transmission the advertisement attracts attention and remains esthetic even in ill-lit places.

You can choose between materials with and without gluing in any size. The additional asset of backlits is a low production cost that translates into an attractive price of the final product

Blackout uses a black separator. That blocks the transmission of sunlight as well as light used for illumination of the advertisement. The advertisement can be then designed as double-sided with two independent graphics designs.

Blockout is perfect for banners, billboards, illuminated advertisements and caissions as well as advertisements that don’t adhere tightly to any surfaces. Use the potential of blackout to maximize the range of your advertising campaigns.

Citylight is a solution dedicated for illuminated single-sided designs. 

Citylight is available as:

  • Monomer Foil;
  • Adhesive white foil (satin, matt or gloss);
  • Adhesive transparent foil (satin, matt or gloss); 
  • Foil with glue (gray, white, transparent). 


The asset of the material is weather-resistance (The print is resistant to water, UV and temperature changes). Thanks to the special layer it provides vivid colours and improve attactivity of advertising materials.

Magnetic foil is a material dedicated for single-sided printing. It was magnetized on the adhering side. A great asset of magnetic foil is quick and easy removal of advertisements. The foil is commonly used for:

  • advertising gadgets (such as: fridge magnets, magnetic notepads, key rings); 
  • advertisement on vehicles;
  • information boards;
  • teaching materials.

OWV foil is evenly covered with little holes. It was created for panes – in cars as well as shops. That makes it perfect for advertising materials that will be presented on display windows and other panes. 

One Way Vision foil bloks 50% of light transmission. The material creates graphics visible from the outside. Inside it looks like typical transparent material, which allows an effect of the Venetian mirror. 

Frontlit is one of the cheapest and most commonly used materials for outdoor advertising. Its biggest asset is universal character and number of available options when it comes to size and thickness. 


Frontlit is a vinyl fabric with PVC coverage on both sides. It’s perfect for budding. Ready banners are resistant to water, sunlight and temperature changes. It’s also possible to weld smaller elements that is another asset of frontlit.

Mesh net is a material for single-sided printing. Is made with polyester fabric with PCV coating that transmits air and sunlight making it possible to present the advertisement in large formats in places where it can be exposed to strong winds. 

We offer finishing according to the mounting option. That gives us freedom to personalize the advertising materials to meet your needs and expectations.

Advertising Gadgets

Personalized firm gadgets with z print are one of the most popular advertising tools. Little souvenirs for clients, employees and business partners such as pens, mugs, notepads or t-shirts complement the campaign perfectly, regardless of the line of business and occasion. Take advantage of their potential and choose high quality solutions designed to meet your clients expectations.

We have been cooperating with appreciated manufacturers and importers of advertising gadgets for years. We offer a vast range of advertising products – starting from pens and mugs, through memory sticks and bags, ending with packaging. We create detailed as well as durable prints – commercial slogans, logos or contact datas. We also offer offset print. Contact us for more details.  

Production of Advertising Mediums

We know that each client has individual needs and expectations towards distribution of advertising materials which should be chosen in accordance with the target audience. We are able to create high quality advertising mediums which will allow you to present your company and its offer in the best possible way – keeping the highest quality standards as well. Trust the skills we’ve learnt and exercised for years of cooperation with clients representing different industries. Contact us today and check how much we have to offer.